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Configuring the CMS and accessories for peace, the possibility of linking with social networks, analytics and advertising systems.


Customizing content management system templates, CSS editing, creating banners, flyers, business cards. We design for your company logo and uniform graphic style.


We choose the best hosting for your websites, register a domain and we will find the necessary DNS records. We also offer flexible long-term management, including ongoing modernization.

About us

Our portfolio gradually expand and gain new experiences, we can offer professional services in all areas of information technology. We arrange for you to buy their own domains, design and arrange the ideal hosted services for your website with regard to your poždavky and you can create a website according to your requirements.

Why choose just us?

- Individual and friendly approach
- Experience with information technology
- Favorable prices
- Fast implementation

Our team

Your visions become reality
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Project manager & Seller
In the field of IT has been active for many years, each project is a challenge for me and I will do everything in my power has reached the desired destination
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Graphics and marketing
Clothe your projects the right coat. I organize pixels as you wish.

Our works